We are proud to offer our services nationwide to anyone not located in Naples, FL. The following steps are the process for our out-of-town patients.

Step 1 – Patient Registration

Please fill out our secure & private patient registration form.

Step 2 – Receive E-Mail

You will receive an e-mail from info@elevatemedicalclinic.com containing your lab order, physical exam form, and liability waiver.

Step 3 – LabCorp

Print out your lab order and take it to any LabCorp location near you to be completed. These initial labs will cost $99. The payment will need to be processed after you receive your lab order and prior to your visit to LabCorp.

Step 4 – Physical Exam

Print out your physical exam form and have it completed by a licensed medical professional. Email the form to info@elevatemedicalclinic.com or fax it to 239-734-3528 once it has been completed.

Step 5 – E-Sign Waiver

Click on the link in your email to our liability waiver. E-sign and submit the document.

Step 6 – Receive Call

Once all the steps have been completed, Elevate Medical Clinic will give you a call to review your paperwork and select your treatment plan.

Our Treatment Programs

We have many treatment plans for men and women. Explore your options and work with Elevate Medical Clinic  to see which is best for you!